Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the first seven years

      The First Seven Years was quite the interesting story. Much of the story was narration, broken up by the occaisional conversation. Time was lapsed quite a lot. Weeks vanishing practically between sentences. Despite that, the characters were all represented very well. I felt I knew each of them individually. Characterized first, usually, indirectly, then directly. I found it interesting how the specific time period was mostly just hinted at. Sobel being a Polish immigrant, followed by Feld mentioning "escaping Hitler's incinerators" indicates the time period is around World War II. Since it has been several years since Sobel arrived, it's likely it's after WWII has ended, but this is never directly stated, which I thought was nice.

     Throughout the story Feld only wants his daughter to have a better life than he does. He never once thinks about her own happiness, or what she wants. While has had good intentions I can't help but fault him for this. I also think very highly of Sobel for essentially sacrificing 5 years of his life working for low wages for Faber all to someday marry Miriam. It's not until the end Faber realizes his daughter's happiness is far more important than her being married to someone who's more successful than a shoemaker. The fact it took him insulting Sobel to the point he starts crying tells me he's a bit dense in some aspects,however.

(as a side note,i found a movie version of the first seven years on youtube)

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